Naz Khaliq

International Business Speaker

How I can help you

As a Speaker

If you are organising a conference or convention and you would like a world travelled, experienced speaker to help motivate your attendees, then I can help. I mix motivational and aspirational conversation with practical tools to help your attendees achieve what they want to. I won’t just tell your delegates what they should be doing but will give them the tools they need to do it.

I have built my own businesses from scratch, I still oversee those businesses and understands the difficulties and the problems that people face in an ever changing environment. I give first-hand experience with the issues of running their own businesses and shows them what they need to do to come out the other side.

My approach leaves people feeling positive and motivated, wanting to set about achieving their goals and aspirations, and leaving the conference feeling that they have the tools at hand to do so.

As a Business Coach

If you are looking for an exceptional business coach to give you the one to one support you need to help achieve your goals and aspirations, then I have a limited number of spots available for coaching.

Ask yourself why you went in to business for yourself. Was it to have less money than you have ever had before, was it to work more hours than you have ever worked before, was it to be more stressed than you have ever been before??? You may laugh, but the reality is that for so many small business owners that is exactly what is going on in their lives!

I am a leading business coach who wants to help people become successful. Success is an amazing thing, and for many, something they believe only the rich and famous can have. I don’t agree, I believe that we make our own success by the determination we show in achieving our goals and aspirations.


Naz Khaliq International Business Coach and Speaker
Naz Khaliq International Business Coach and Speaker

I will work with you to help you truly identify your goals and help you work out the route that will take you there.

I have worked with thousands of business owners to help them develop their business to where they want it to be. I believe that if you start your business journey properly with the right plan, you will have an amazing time getting where you are going.

Words to live by

" For every challenge there is a solution
~ finding it is not always easy.
"Find inspiration that drives you
~ you will always find happiness.
"Life is for living
~ find a way to enjoy it no matter what.

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